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Grant Information





Grant Information






Each year, the membership of Sunday's Child awards grants to local charities and economic initiatives in amounts ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.

Sunday's Child grants help fund initiatives that address a community need or help develop projects in support of the greatest good for the Pensacola Bay Area. Grant funding comes from membership contributions, and each membership of Sunday's Child will have a vote toward selecting the funded projects.

Be sure to read further below about the

  • Letter of Intent
  • Charity Workshop
  • Focus Categories of the Grants
  • Eligibility
  • Restrictions
  • Frequently Asked Questions  
  • Example Grant Application
  • Grant Schedule
  • Past Grant Recipients

Jan 13, 2017: Letter of Intent Due

This must be submitted no later than January 13, 2017 to prequalify as a grant applicant and must be submitted electronically.

Grant Applications will be made available to those qualified applicants by January 13, 2017.



Grants awarded fall into one of the following categories:



Animals & Environment


Initiatives that will restore, revitalize or enhance the facilities and surroundings of the Pensacola Bay Area.

Contact Grant Committee Chairs

Arts, Culture & Education

Initiatives that cultivate, develop, and enhance the cultural and artistic climate of the Pensacola Bay Area.   Initiatives that further the educational process or improve access to education for children and/or adults in the Pensacola Bay Area .        

Contact Grant Committee Chairs

Health, Wellness &


Initiatives that improve the mental and/or physical well-being and recreation of people living in the Pensacola Bay Area.

Contact Grant Committee Chairs

LGBT & Family

Initiatives that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families/LGBT in the Pensacola Bay Area.

Contact Grant Committee Chairs


Economic Development & Preservation

Initiatives that preserve the facilities of the surroundings or improve the economic status of the community by promoting employment and financial benefits in the Pensacola Bay Area.

Contact Grant Committee Chairs




Organizations and projects that qualify for Sunday's Child grants, must meet the following criteria.

  • Registered with Florida Division of Corporations as a non-profit

  • Must be registered as a 501c(3)

  • Current Registration to Solicit Contributions from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS)

  • Demonstrate inclusion and equality policies and practices within organization and services

  • Serve residents and expend funds fully in Escambia or Santa Rosa counties

  • Grant project must be a new program or expansion of existing program

  • The total project budget is for the full Sunday’s Child grant

  • Expend funds within 18 months of award




Sunday's Child does not fund the following.

  • General operating expenses or overhead

  • Debt reduction or operational deficits

  • Grants to individuals

  • Endowment funding

  • Interim or bridge funding

  • Partisan, legislative or political activity

  • Churches, synagogues or other bodies of worship

  • Faith-based projects/programs which require participation in activities of a particular faith, denomination or religion in order to benefit from the project or program.

  • Capital improvements or renovations to property for the grant project where the organization does not own or have at least a five year lease.

  • Organizations which promote or support violence, racism, sexism or other prejudices, in any form.


Additional information and process

  • Each organization can only apply for one grant per year.

  • Each organization is responsible for deciding which one of the five grant categories to apply.

  • Prior organization grant winners must have completed prior project funding.

  • The Sunday's Child committees that oversee the grant categories will review and evaluate the applicants for quality, contribution significance and inclusivity.  This will include research and review as well as site visits. One or two organizations from each category will be selected as a finalist and will conduct a 7-minute presentation at the annual membership meeting in June.  After the presentation, a vote from members will determine the award recipients.

Past Grant Recipients:

2015 Grant Winners          2016 Grant Winners


2017 grant Applications 

Only those charities that have successfully completed a letter of intent by January 13, 2017 may apply.  

Applications will be made available by the end of day on January 13, 2017. 


Grant Application 2017

Grant Application 2017

Apply for a grant today


Only those charities that have successfully completed a letter of intent by January 13, 2017 are eligible to apply.  

Download the grant application packet below to begin the application process.

All applications must be received by certified mail by February 24, 2017 (Mail applications to: Sunday's Child, PO Box 12972, Pensacola, FL 32591.)


You may hand deliver to the SUNDAY’S CHILD representative on February 24, 2017, between 1p.m. and 4 p.m. at the Pensacola Public Library, 239 N. Spring St; Pensacola, FL32502.  

All fields must be completed in order to qualify.  A paper application and a scanned copy of application need to be submitted (thumb drive).

There will be 5 grants awarded this year, each is for $25,700.


Please note that only organizations that have formally completed a Letter of Intent and prequalified may apply for a grant.

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Grant Schedule



Grant Schedule




Making the Pensacola Bay Area Shine, One Year at a Time

The Sunday's Child grant schedule is designed specifically to supplement the efforts of local non-profit IMPACT100. Our grants help to support organizations who may not yet qualify for IMPACT100 grants. Please keep these important dates in mind when preparing to apply for a Sunday's Child grant. 


2017 Timeline of key events

Important Dates

Grant applicants: Mark your calendars. The following dates are important in ensuring Sunday's Child receives your application in a timely manner. 

  • Jan 13, 2017: Letter of Intent (LOI) Due
    • This must be submitted to prequalify as a grant applicant
    • This must be submitted electronically (Form link for LOI is at top of page)
    • Workshop for Grant Applicants on Jan 11, 2017 (RSVP link is at top of page)
  • Feb 24, 2017: Grant Applications Due
    • After grant applications received, focous groups, from Sunday's Child membership, meet to review/assess including site visits to charities.
  • May 19, 2017: Finalists Notified
    • Semi-Finalists are required to do a run-through of their presentation to Focus Group Leads prior to annual meeting.
  • Jun 25, 2017: Sunday's Child Annual Meeting
    • Finalists present to membership
    • Membership voting
    • Recipients announced

Grant Winners

Grant Winners

 grant winners

Since the start of Sunday's Child, a total of $137,250 have been awarded to local charities.  

The following are the charities and their projects.


First City Arts Center

(Category Arts, Culture & Education) $35,500

2000 Degrees: A Portable Glass Arts Education Program will allow FCAC to outreach in every direction and to include the maximum number of people in the glass education programs. This is done through the use of a portable glass studio.  A fully equipped, portable glass blowing studio can drive to the doorstep of any school, festival or function. The goal of this program is to teach design charrettes and provide educational demonstrations for students and the general public. An increase of public participation by 100% in the first year will be achieved by visiting at least two schools each month throughout the year and by participating in community festival throughout the area.



(Category Family & LGBT) $35,500

Rapid Re-Housing Project  is a project to calm the homeless crisis.  Expedition of the re-housing of homeless families and single women is accomplished by providing rent and utilities assistance.  The project also focuses on rebuilding client’s problem-solving and decision making skills to make the program sustainable.  The result of this project will increase the capacity to serve an increased number of new clients due to the expedited process of re-housing.

*Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Beacon was unable to open their cold-weather shelter.  Sunday's Child worked to help them meet their grant obligations (their project was an extension to their shelter) in a timely fashion.   Because a new shelter site has not been established, The Beacon has withdrawn from the Sunday's Child grant award of $35,500.  No funds were distributed to The Beacon, and as per Sunday's Child polices for unused or defaulted monies, funds will be rolled over to the following grant cycle, 2017.





(Category of Economic Development) $33,125

Forklift for Pollack Industries will allow the purchase of a new forklift, which will permit adults with disabilities to work and receive a paycheck while providing a service to our community.  Pollack Industries, a project of Arc Gateway that employs disabled adults on production contracts, utilizes a team of twelve individuals with disabilities and one non-disabled person to manufacture cement parking bumpers and cement air-conditioning pads for local contractors, businesses, and builders. These cement items, weighing between 200-225 pounds, must be transported from the production areas, loaded onto trucks and delivered to project sites. This cannot be done without the aid of a forklift.  

Currently, their forklift is over 20 years old, breaks often, and must be replaced in order to continue providing services. A new forklift would aid in streamlining and expanding production and distribution.


(Category of Family & LGBT) $33,125

Legal Education and Victim Empowerment project, or The L.E.A.V.E., will allow Legal Services of North Florida to hire a staff attorney for one year to develop enhanced advocacy and education tools to support victims of violence and bullying within our community. This attorney will go into our community to educate other providers of their obligations, including school personnel, law enforcement and the courts, our entire community will be elevated to an improved dialogue. The Legal Education and Advocacy for Victim Empowerment (LEAVE) project will give victims and allies legal tools with which to prevent violence and bullying in our families, schools, and entire community. While LEAVE may serve victims of all different experiences, a focus will be placed on LGBTQ youth, LGBTQ relationships, homeless and dependent youth, and youth with disabilities.