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Sunday's Child acts as a clearinghouse for resources found on the web. Content shared on this site is the intellectual property of its respective owners and publishers. We want to ensure you have access to the best information there is, and the following links, articles and downloadable content is a collection of best practices for LGBT workforce inclusion, policy development, and toolkits. We hope you find the information as helpful and informative as we have.

We provide links to the original source where possible.

Organizations We Admire:



These are resources that provide an overall snapshot of discrimination issues facing LGBT employees.


Toolkits & Guides

Resources for incorporating non-discrimination policies into your business or organization.


best practices & exemplar organizations

These are organizations that are doing it right and can serve as an example for how to create an out and equal workplace.

Exemplar Organizations

American Medical Association

Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD): A Best Practices Resource for New England states, who have been a leader in LGBT Civil Rights Movement. 

Human Rights Campaign


webinars & training

These resources provide access to online educational webinars, training and courses. Enrollment may be required.

Webinars & Online Training/Courses


Suicide & Violence Prevention

These resources provide access to online resources regarding LGBTQ suicide and violence