Scholarships are primarily funded through donations specifically designated as scholarship money. These funds can come from individual members who wish to remain anonymous, or from corporate sponsorships—at the discretion of the board—that have not been designated for administrative purposes.



What is the scholarship?

The Sunday’s Child scholarship is awarded to individuals who exhibit an interest in promoting diversity and inclusion AND a need (such as financial distress, burden or hardship). The scholarship covers the annual membership fee for the individual or individuals selected for that grant cycle. The scholarship may be awarded, at the discretion of the board, to an individual or to an ensemble grouping of two or three individual members. 

Who is eligible and what are the restrictions?

Anyone who expresses an interest in the mission and vision of Sunday’s Child is eligible to apply for the scholarship. Applicants must be 18 years or older.  As a scholarship recipient, you are encouraged to identify and recruit members into your own ensemble team (duo or trio). If you are unable to recruit members into your own group, the board will assign you members of their choosing.

How does one request scholarship?

Individuals may request a scholarship by speaking with a Sunday’s Child board member directly, or by expressing interest in the scholarship by completing the form at the bottom of this page.  ALL individuals need to complete this application to be considered.  Please continue to read before submitting an application.

What are the requirements and terms of the scholarship?

If you are awarded a scholarship, the same rules apply to recipients as they do to normal membership. This includes voting privileges. However, recipients of the scholarship are requested to do one or more of the items listed below:

1.  Identify and recruit one or more paying members to the current membership cycle.  This may include wholly individual members, ensemble members or members as part of your own ensemble team

2.  Volunteer for recruitment events, either by hosting a membership mixer, attending membership mixers as support or by actively marketing membership mixer events and the Sunday's Child mission and vision; attend and/or volunteer at the annual meeting or other Sunday's Child events; recruit non-profit organizations to apply for the current grant cycle.

3.  Actively participate in a grant selection committee and participate in the voting process

4.  Demonstrate a commitment to join the following year

What is the process for scholarship selection?

1.  The scholarship selection is managed by the board of director's Scholarship Selection Committee. 

2.  All board members may nominate an individual to be considered for scholarship. Or, a paid member who has designated donations as scholarship may also nominate someone to be considered.  All nominees must either fill out a scholarship application, or submit a written letter explaining their interest in Sunday's Child.

3.  Individuals who have expressed interest in the scholarship via in-person or online inquiry are automatically added to the list for consideration.

4.  All nominations must be received no later than December 31. 

5.  The Scholarship Selection Committee will review all applications/nominations and make their recommendations to the board.

6.  Scholarship recipients are selected after the close of the membership drive and notified by the third week of January.


1.  Scholarship Inquiries/Applications must be received by December 31

2.  Scholarship Selection Committee will review applications the first and second week of January

3.  Committee will nominate recipients based on scholarship funds available.

4.  Board will vote on nominees via survey

5.  Scholarship winners will be notified the third week in January—and ensemble members matched by the end of January.

How are the nominees selected?

Nominees are judged based on the following factors:

1.   Expressing financial need or burden

2.  Potential for current or future recruitment of new members

3.  Expressed commitment to the mission and vision of Sunday's Child

4.  Previous contributions to the organization will be taken into consideration


Interested in Applying for a Membership Scholarship?  

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