In June of this year, OASIS Florida won a grant of $25,000.00 from Sunday’s Child. OASIS provides testing, prevention, case management and other types of care and support for people living with HIV. The grant from Sunday’s Child has enabled the organization to hire more staff members for their new Mobile Outreach Program that serves Northwest Florida by bringing testing services, information on prevention, and support to those living with HIV to communities that may not have easy access to those services. It was anticipated that the increased testing numbers would provide the basis for additional state funding which will sustain the Mobile Outreach Program. This week in a note from Kurt Goodman, Director of Prevention, we learned that OASIS Florida did indeed win the grant they were pursuing. See What Kurt had to say below:

“We received good news today.   We were successful in convincing the state to fund our mobile testing program.   As of January 2019 the state will raise our funding by $61,000 a year guaranteed for the next three years.

We could not have shown the state the outreach and testing numbers we did without the support of Sunday's Child.   Please tell your members this grant has definitely made a difference in the long term services we can provide in our community.”

Congratulations to OASIS Florida!