Sunday's Child Launches Resources Section of Website

Pensacola, Fla. — Pensacola-based nonprofit organization, Sunday's Child, launches Resource section of website to provide Pensacola Bay Area businesses and organizations access to important information regarding nondiscrimination policies. 

The new section of the website offers visitors access to the very best content from the web, with links to best practices, exemplar organizations and other educational and training resources that Pensacola business leaders can implement into practice.

Sunday's Child requires that applicants to its grants must comply with specific regulations, including the implementation of a nondiscrimination policy. 

"Our goal is to promote a community that embraces diversity, especially among LGBT citizens," says Kris Poore, Sunday's Child board member, "but many organizations that don't currently have a nondiscrimination policy [specific to LGBT issues] need help with creating one. That's why it's important for us to be a clearinghouse for resources in helping leaders draft, implement and sustain these types of organizational policies. This is not about calling or writing your government representatives. That's not our goal. We need organizational leadership to be proactive in embracing these policies, outside of government legislation."

The Resource section of the website will be continually updated as new information and educational content becomes available.