creating change

We are committed to transforming the Greater Pensacola Bay Area into an environment where people are valued for their uniqueness and differences, and are confident that their contributions matter.

Through the grant process, the grant application and site visits, we learn more about charities and how they address diversity and inclusion.  We support local charities who are aware of the importance of diversity & inclusivity within their organization as well as to the community members they serve.  They are encouraged to participate in initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion such as education and training programs.  


change from Our local charities

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion Outcomes


Several charity applicants have taken specific action to further embrace diversity and inclusion as a result of their contact with Sunday's Child.  

Here are a few results-

  • Revised non-discrimination policies to include sexual orientation & gender identity (some have adopted Sunday's Child non-discrimination policy)

  • Scheduling of a staff retreat to review current non-discrimination policy and diversity measures

  • Addition of gender-neutral bathrooms

  • Addition of training programs and education on diversity and inclusivity

  • Formation of partnerships with local organizations with strong LGBT relationships to be more engaged with the LGBT community

  • Added transgender health care insurance coverage to their benefits

  • Development of projects and programs that explicitly illustrate inclusivity




In an effort to engage and educate the public on diversity, inclusion and equality, a local campaign in honor of the 49 victims of the 2016 Pulse nightclub massacre was created by Sunday's Child.  It is called

49:  Connecting the Dots

49:  Connecting the Dots is a series of authentic, candid portraits and stories of individuals in Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties in northwest Florida, compiled to celebrate the full-spectrum of local diversity.

This campaign works to increase the awareness of prejudice and aims to educate us about strength in diversity and the connectedness that stems from it.  Stories shared include local individuals with a varied compilation of race, sexuality, disability, religion, ethnicity, social-economic standing, interests and other attributes.  Our diverse community brings to the table a rich array of life experiences and viewpoints that lead to a healthier quality of living.